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Reconstruction of the basement

Basement is a great opportunity to expand the usable area and functionality of the house. What can the underground floor be transferred to? What should be learned and done before reconstruction? Utah Basement Company can help you with these questions. Most basements in houses are a place for storage, a boiler room or a garage. Do not forget that a house with an equipped basement is much more expensive. Usually, while living in the house for some time, the question arises how to use the basement for other purposes. Before starting to implement the idea, you need to solve a number of issues: develop a project, issue the relevant documents, make repairs and equip a room.

The best option would be equipping basement as a kitchen with roomy freezers and pantries for long-term storage of food. The advantage of this option is great: the noise and the smell of cooking will not interfere in residential premises.

Sports hall. The noise from the simulators will not interfere with other tenants. You will get much more space for training and will be able to carry them out in more comfortable conditions. In addition, the issue will be solved with the interior design – simulators do not fit the appearance of most of the interiors.

Game room. During the daytime, children can play in a large safe area. At the same time you will be sure of their safety, and they will not interfere with the rest of the family.

Billiard room. In order to relax after work with your favorite game you will only need to go a few steps down.

Sauna. A compact sauna will turn the basement into a home health resort. Here you can also place a solarium.

Library. A cozy place to read and relax on a comfortable sofa in peace and quiet. If you can organize a separate entrance, you are able make a home office in the basement.