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Wearing glasses does not cause eye deformation

In today’s life and work, many people’s electronic products do not leave their bodies, and nearsightedness has also become a common phenomenon; being full of glasses can not be uncommon in the street. However, many people have found that after wearing glasses for a few years, they found that there was actually a deformation around their eyes.
  According to experts, what people generally mean by deformation is the feeling that after taking off the glasses, the eyes feel protruding orbital depression. There are two reasons for this, and one is because the eye deformation is because the myopia degree deepened, the visual axis lengthened, and the visual width protruded; this is the eye itself. The second is because the orbits to the bridge of the nose on both sides of a certain range by the frame indentation and appear flat; after taking off the glasses, people feel that the entire eye range without this part of the proper contour, resulting in eye deformation feeling, myopia itself protrusion of the eye will be heavier this situation. Therefore, long-term cut-off glasses are not the cause of eye deformation. Many people use contact lenses for a period of time before the sunken eyes feel sunken again because the second reason mentioned above is alleviated by the improvement brought about.

Without a 300-degree increase in eye prescription, the myopic eye axis will grow by 1 mm. The growth of the eye axis is not usually noticeable in appearance if you are not highly myopic. However, in the case of high myopia, the posterior diameter of the eye grows, and the eye can only protrude forward due to the bony orbit in the posterior part of the eye, which makes the protruding eye and the sunken eye socket pattern become obvious.
And this condition is inevitable for every myopic patient and is not directly related to whether or not to wear glasses.

The lenses of eyeglasses are not flat, so when we look at the eyes of someone wearing prescription glasses, refraction occurs, causing you to see the other person’s eyes differently than they really are. We are used to seeing other people’s eyes when they are wearing glasses and form a visual standard. When someone takes off their glasses, they are bound to feel their eyes distorted significantly. And the greater the degree, the more obvious this feeling will be. It is recommended that myopic patients with high prescription wear high refractive index lenses whose lens curvature is not very large, and online high-quality cheap glasses are a good place for you to go.

Therefore, you must pay attention to eye hygiene and eye habits in general, avoid overworking your eyes, and eat more food containing vitamin A. Don’t squeeze your eyes after wearing glasses because wearing glasses will cause certain pressure impact on blood circulation and lymphatic circulation around the eyes, and the formation of sunken eyes or fundus can be improved by appropriate eye heat compress and massage. The glasses you wear should be made of a lighter material.
In order to prevent the deepening of the prescription and continued deformation of the eyes, it is important to pay attention to good eye habits. Don’t stay up late, and don’t use your eyes for a long time at close range. Generally, you should take a 10-minute break from reading books, cell phones, and computers for 50 minutes and relax from a distance. Pay attention to eye hygiene, avoid visual fatigue, pay attention to cultivate the correct posture of writing and reading, do eye exercises, and eat more foods rich in potassium and vitamins, such as vegetables, animal liver, and egg yolk.