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Immigration lawyer

Obtaining political asylum in the United States is a difficult task. You should not rely on luck in a matter where every little thing matters. It is much more correct to contact a specialist who knows first-hand what is best to do at each stage of this path, because this will greatly increase your chances of success.

Immigration lawyer begins to work with you even before you submit your application for asylum. His help is indispensable when creating a case, writing a story, preparing and sending documents to USCIS.
You will receive a lot of advice from an experienced lawyer on issues that a layman would not consider. Seeming little things can determine the outcome of a case. For example, choosing the right addressee when filing a petition and having additional documents immediately increases your chances of a positive outcome of the case. The lawyer also writes his opinion on your compliance with all the requirements for refugee status with references to American laws and precedents.

Preparing for an interview is the most important stage. An experienced attorney who has personally participated in numerous interviews will carefully and scrupulously prepare a client to answer questions and conduct themselves during an interview that lasts several hours. Every word spoken during this interview will be recorded and attached to your file. Therefore, after receiving a call for an interview, an immigration lawyer prepares you in detail for this important process.
And, although during the interview the lawyer cannot answer questions for you, he is present during the interview and even with his presence restrains the USCIS officer from particularly provocative questions and too aggressive behavior towards you. At the end of the interview, the lawyer is given the floor and given the opportunity to write his memorandum, which may influence the decision on your immigration case.

If necessary, the lawyer also represents you in immigration court.
‼ It is important to contact licensed Immigration Lawyers and only them. But even among them there are people who are negligent in their duties. Usually, the first consultation with a lawyer will already indicate to you his professionalism.

The Law Offices of Adan G. Vega & Associates, PLLC will professionally assist you in the process of obtaining asylum in the United States, from arranging your entry into the United States until you receive your desired status. Their US-licensed Immigration Lawyers, with experience in resolving immigration issues of any complexity, can guide you every step of the way.