Conducting viewings of your home
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Conducting viewings of your home

Estate agents will sometimes show interested buyers around your home for you, but more often than not, they will leave you to conduct viewings. In order to maintain our phenomenally low prices, we always hand this simple task to the seller. Conducting a viewing takes little more than basic common sense, but here are a few pointers to help you maximise your chances of success…

Make a good first impression – not only with your home, but you personally. Hopefully the person you are showing round will ultimately buy your home, and you might be dealing with them personally for some time. If you are friendly, patient and inviting – even if secretly you can’t stand the person, they are more likely to like you and will be happier doing business with you. If you become more of a ‘friend’ to them than a salesperson, they will be less likely to make big demands of you and try to push you into lowering the price. Remember, and address them by, their names. Offer them a cup of tea, but be careful not to over-do it.

It should go without saying but many sellers overlook the most basic aspect of selling their home – tidying up. Have a thorough spring-clean, hoovering, dusting, polishing… Clear away any mess and clutter and make sure your home looks its best. It is often said that the smell of freshly-brewed coffee or baking bread boosts your chances of selling your home, so consider doing something like that to give your house a pleasant aroma.

If you are putting your home on the market it is well worth carrying out any minor cosmetic repair jobs that need doing. Think about filling any cracks in walls, re-painting and generally clearing up anything that makes your home look tatty and un-cared for. If the property looks like it’s been looked-after over the years, buyers will be more confident about making an offer.

If you have a garden, show it off. Gardens are excellent selling-points so get the lawnmower out, dig up the weeds, sort out your flower beds and make it look presentable. A good-looking garden can do wonders for the chances of selling your home.

When your prospective buyers arrive, tell them you will give them a brief tour, then let them take a good look around alone. Point out the best aspects of your home and emphasise all that is good about it – as they will naturally be looking for the bad points themselves. Once you have given them a tour, they will appreciate you leaving them to their own devices for a while, letting them discuss it between themselves privately and look around without you breathing down their necks. Be aware of the potential bad points they might pick up on and be ready to answer questions -countering any criticisms by pointing out the positive side to things. Remember – be honest, you will not be able to hide things, especially if the sale progresses further and surveyors are called in. Honesty and openness will be appreciated by your potential buyers from the outset